Although online registration for official events has closed, you can still register for the unofficial competition.  Just visit:

Note: while borrowing puzzles is allowed, competitors will be expected to compete when called upon.  Failure to compete when asked will result in disqualification.  Competitors are also expected to provide puzzles in good condition.  The pieces must be attached to the puzzle firmly, parts need to work properly, and stickers need to be in good condition.  The competition organizers reserve the right to disqualify puzzles that do not meet these criteria.

Please note that payment of a registration fee demonstrates a commitment to attend, and organizers use this information for planning and scheduling. Because of this, registration fees are non-refundable.

While online registration has closed, but you can still register at the door, depending on event availability.  Prices will be as follows:

Event Cost
Base Fee $50
2x2 Speedsolve $10
3x3 Speedsolve $12
4x4 Speedsolve $8
5x5 Speedsolve $8
6x6 Speedsolve $3
7x7 Speedsolve $3
3x3 One-Handed $10
Fewest Moves $6
3x3 With Feet $30
Rubik's Magic $4
Master Magic $2
Square-1 $8
Pyraminx $10
Megaminx $8
Rubik's Clock $8
4x4 Blindfolded $6
5x5 Blindfolded $6
3x3 Multiple Blindfolded $8


Registration is now closed.