Sign up in teams of up to three people to design and build a mosaic out of 300 Rubik's cubes.

All team members must be confirmed registered competitors. Mosaic registration will be capped at 15 teams and each team will be allotted 1 hour to build their mosaic during the competition on Friday.

The theme for the mosaic contest this year is Las Vegas. Entries will be judged on creativity/originality, theme interpretation, and design quality (two dimensional designs only: no stacking cubes or multilayer designs) and the winning team will be recognized in Sunday's award ceremony.

Five teams (Team The Bears, Fuzzy Bunnies, DAT, Falcon Punch, and Team Korea) will compete Thursday night.

Five teams will compete on Friday at the following times:

9:00 AM: Fist Planet Knuckle Train
1:00 PM: Power Rangers; Gotta Catch 'Em All; Rocky Talkies
2:30 PM: Pink Fluffy Unicorns Dancing on Rainbows

Current Teams:

NameTeam LeadMember 1Member 2
Team The BearsVincent SheuJeremy FleischmanDavid Gomes
Fuzzy BunniesJennifer TangShotaro Makisumi (牧角 章太郎)Alan Chang
DATAmbie ValdésToby Mao (毛台立)Dan Dzoan
Rocky TalkiesJackson WarleyPatrick KellyAJ Blair
Falcon PunchChia-Wei Lu (呂家維)Steven XuRyan Lim
Gotta Catch 'Em AllKevin ZhouAnthony HsuEvan Liu
Power rangersAngel Arrioja LandaFernando Daniel Hernández SánchezJorge García Ramos
Fist Planet Knuckle TrainNathan TadiosCarson ArmstrongTom Armstrong
Pink Fluffy Unicorns Dancing on RainbowsSlater MetzAustin ReedJustin Thomas
Team KoreaIlkyoo Choi (최일규)SeungWoon Lee (이승운)Jeong Jong-Ho (정종호)
Registration is now closed.