US Nationals 2012 Organizers and Staff

  Name Information
 Adam Zamora
Has never been seen concurrently with Batman
Alan Chang
Ambie Valdés
Official Mule
Ambie can draw Kirby better than you.
 Amy Tai
 Andy Tsao
A wayward traveler once told me the legend of Andy Tsao.
Anthony Hsu
Feet Cuber
Focusing on feet cubing for this competition!
Arthur Adams
Connoisseur of Cubist Art
There can be only one. Well, maybe two.
Ashley Couch
Bob Burton
Lead Beard Grower
Bob has delegated over 50 competitions.
 Casey Pernsteiner
 Chester Lian
Chia-Wei Lu (呂家維)
a pairrr of bearrrs
 Chris Krueger
Clément Gallet
Clément Gallet
Oh mon dieu ils ont tué Kenny !
 Dan Dzoan
Apprentice of the Obvious
Daniel Hayes
Keeper of the BattPokes
Will die for banana bread. No really, he's deathly allergic to bananas.
Daniel Lo
 Dave Campbell
David Gomes
David Gomes
A cuber
 Ethan Crislip
Felix Lee
 Gavin Nelson
Harris Karsch
Ilkyoo Choi (최일규)
Delegate of Korea
WCA Delegate / KOII / organizer of Carnegie Mellon, UIUC, Cubing Korea competitions.
Jaclyn Sawler
Bob's Girlfriend
James LaChance
Cookie Monster
Officially the best Hughey Nickname
Jasmine Lee
Go Australia!
Australian speedcuber living in the United States
Jennifer Tang
 Jeong Jong-Ho (정종호)
US 2012 staff
Very enthusiastic Korean cuber
 Jeremy Dixon
Jeremy Fleischman
If you have a question about complex analysis, Jeremy can probably help you out.
Jim Mertens
Director of Coffee Beans
OSU Cube Club and KOII Co-Founder
 John George
Not your typical Rubik's Magician
Kian Barry
ESPN Celebrity
Always the bridesmaid
 Kyle Barry
Kian's Brother
Michael Young
Official squarer
The only one left at Caltech
Natán Riggenbach
Natán and Perubik
Better known as Rachel and Jael's dad, Natán, from Peru, is part of the staff this year.
Nathan Kearney
Mid-atlantic competition regular.
Nick Rech
Nick Rech
From Levittown, PA
Nick Young
Orange Mocha Japachino
Assistant Director of Kicking Ass
Patricia Li
Hi, let's be friends.
Patrick Kelly
Mr. Tambourine Man
I live in Denver, Colorado | Mile High Speedcubing Group | Cubing since Dec. 2005
 Peter Still
Richard Meyer
Sergeant in the USMC
Ryan Lim
Om Nom Nom
Cubes are delicious
 SeungWoon Lee (이승운)
Shelley Chang
Projectiles Engineer
Will Battpoke you in the face
Shotaro Makisumi (牧角 章太郎)
Official Food Tester
Stefan Pochmann
Never *really* wears a helmet
Steven Xu
Master of None
Rising-sun Emperor of the Cal Cube Club
 Tim Reynolds
Surgeon General
WCA Delegate, MIT Club Founder, Likes FMC and big cubes BLD
 Toby Mao (毛台立)
Director of Merchandise
Tyson Mao (毛台勝)
Director of Irrigation
Founded the WCA in 2004 and will not host the competition in your back yard.
Vincent Sheu
DNF Princess
Sun-setting Dictator of the Cal Cube Club
 Zheng Li (李政)