Unofficial Events

We are pleased to announce that US Nationals 2016 will be hosting several unofficial events, as well cubing themed seminars! The seminars will be occurring Friday night and the unofficial events will be Saturday night. 

In addition to the return of last year's Guanlong Challenge, the unofficial event this year is the Chaos Challenge!

The Chaos Challenge is a 64 person bracket- elimination tournament. Absolutely anyone may register, all you need is to be able to solve a cube!
The nature of the tournament requires that the events of each round remain a secret, but we can promise a hectic and fun environment. Additionally, competitors will have many opportunities to win special prizes. 
Register for the Chaos Challenge here! Sorry! The Chaos Challenge is full. 
Seminars: These will be taking place at approximatley 7:00 pm on Friday, the order and topics are as follows

Michael Young, Rowe Hessler, Tommy Szeliga: Square-one tips and tricks

With new advances in hardware, Square-1 has gotten incredibly popular in the last year.  In fact, the number of competitors for this event here at Nats has tripled since last year, from 63 up to 182.  In this seminar, three of the continent's fastest Square-1 solvers would like to walk you through the event, and what there is in store in the future.  We'll concentrate on the most popular method, Vandenbergh, and go through base methodology, tricks for beginners on how to get faster, and expansion methods for more advanced solvers that would like to push their times even further, such as OBL, CPP, PBL tricks, and CSP.  We think that Square-1 is a fascinating event with a ton of room for even more improvement, and we can't wait to bring our knowledge to you all!


Chris Tran: ZZ-CT

That guy who taught you cool tricks about reducing ZBLL is back this year to tell you all about the exciting new speedsolving method, ZZ-CT! One of the most viable ZZ variants in years, it sets up a LL skip 100% of the time!

But it gets even better! Same recognition as OLL/PLL! 33% 2-gen, 20% OLL skip, ridiculously short and fast cases, and 1/360 chance of LL Skip without setup!

How many "algs" are there? 108 for setup, and 72 to solve everything.
(But I'll teach you some tricks to get that number under 100!)

Absurd! How does it work?
Come listen and find out! will be doing a QnA session as a seminar! After a brief overview of our company, we'll open up the floor to let the audience ask questions about us! Feel free to ask anything about our history, our people, and many other topics! We hope to see you there.

Lucas Garron: History of scramble generators and how they work

Ian Scheffler: Cracking The Cube

CRACKING THE CUBE is Ian Scheffler's book about the world of competitive Rubik's Cube solving. He learned to solve the Cube years ago, thanks to Toby Mao, Tyson's younger brother. For the past four years, he's been delving into the world of the Cube, all the way from Hungary (where he met the elusive Mr. Rubik), to Brazil, where he participated in the 2015 World Championship. Along with Collin Burns and Weston Mizumoto, Ian will discuss the book, which comes out this October 18th.