Event Format  Rounds Soft Cutoff Hard Cutoff
2x2x2 Average of 5 2 None 10:00
3x3x3 Average of 5 3 None 10:00
4x4x4 Average of 5 1 1:30 4:00
6x6x6 Mean of 3 1 5:00 7:00
Rubik's Clock Average of 5 2 None 10:00
3x3x3 BLD Best of 3 1 None 12:00 (Total)
3x3x3 OH Average of 5 2 0:45 1:30
Fewest Moves Best of 1 1 None WCA Limit (60 min)

Note: Number of rounds and cutoffs are subject to change on the day of event, depending on registration and available time.

Soft Cutoffs

Events with soft cutoffs are two rounds combined into one.  For 3x3x3 OH and 4x4x4, it's a combination of "Best of 2" and "Average of 5," and for 6x6x6, it's a combination of "Best of 1" and "Mean of 3."  To proceed to the next round, your result in the "Best of X" round must be better than the soft cutoff time to advance to the next round and complete your average/mean. 

Hard Cutoffs

Every competitor must achieve times under the hard cutoff in order to have their solve count.  As soon as a solve goes above the hard cutoff time, the judge will stop your solve, ask you to leave the timing station, and you will receive a DNF.  It does seem very harsh, and while we wish that everyone would be able to complete all of their solves, hard cutoffs are in place to ensure that we budget enough time for all of our scheduled events, and allow us to plan for more events or rounds.  If you receive a DNF due to a hard cutoff, you can still take your remaining attempts even if a DNF is achieved. 

BLD Cutoffs

For the 3x3x3 BLD event, the cutoff works a bit differently.  At the end of each solve, judges will record your solving time and if the solve was successful on the scoresheet.  If your total solving time at the end of a solve is less than 12 minutes, you will receive another attempt until you receive three attempts.  This means that your total solving time may go over 12 minutes, but that will be your last attempt.  Competitors that may take longer than 10 minutes to complete a BLD solve may request their judge to use a stopwatch to record their times, but keep in mind that likely only one attempt is to be given.