Event Format Cutoff Time Limit To Advance
Rubik's Cube average of 5   10:00 8 solvers
5x5x5 Cube average of 5 2:30 in 2 attempts    
6x6x6 Cube mean of 3   5:00  
7x7x7 Cube mean of 3   7:30  
Megaminx average of 5 2:45 in 2 attempts    
Rubik's Clock average of 5 0:30 in 2 attempts    
Square-1 average of 5 1:00 in 2 attempts   6 solvers
4x4x4 Cube: Blindfolded best of 3   75:00 cumulative  

Definitions of time restraints:

NOTE: If you know you cannot solve under the time limit for an event, please refrain from registering for that event. This really helps the organisation team with accurate scheduling and the ability to better maintain our strict schedule.

For a deeper understanding of terminology used, please refer to the WCA Regulations.