Fantastic Manhattan Competition 2016
Time Event Cutoff Time Limit
8:00-8:45 Feet R1 4:20 10:00 and no smelly feet
8:45-9:45 FMC #1    
9:45-10:45 *Pyraminx R1 0:25 0:45
10:45-11:45 *Square-1 R1 0:50 2:00
11:45-12:45 FMC #2    
12:45-1:45 Megaminx R1 2:30 4:20
1:45-2:15 Clock R1 0:35 1:00
2:15-2:30 Feet R2    
2:30-2:50 Pyraminx R2    
2:50-3:10 Square-1 R2    
3:10-3:40 Megaminx R2    
3:40-3:55 Clock R2    
3:55-4:05 Square-1 Final    
4:05-4:15 Pyraminx Final    
4:15-4:30 Megaminx Final    
4:30-4:40 Clock Final    
4:40-4:50 Feet Final    
4:50-5:50 FMC #3    
5:50-6:00 Awards     
*3BLD will occur during these events, when you are not currently
competing in these events
Cutoff: a time restraint under which a competitor must yield a
result in their first attempts. Otherwise, the competitor is not
allowed further attempts.
Time Limit: a time restraint at which a competitor's attempt is
stopped and is labelled as DNF ("Did Not Finish").

You will have 3 attempts each event in MBLD, 4BLD, and 5BLD,
the attempts will be done when you are not competing in other
events, we will schedule/work it out with you when you want to do your BigBLD attempts.
Keep in mind if that if you do an attempt, and it takes too long and interferes with an event you are supposed to do, you may not be able to compete in that event because the round would be over.
3BLD Time Limit: 10:00 (invidiually, not all of them combined)
4BLD Time Limit: 10 hours
5BLD Time Limit: 10 hours
MBLD Time Limit: WCA Regulation H1b) If a competitor is attempting fewer than 6 puzzles, they are allotted a time limit of 10 minutes times the number of puzzles in the attempt, else the time limit is 60 minutes.