Online registration is now closed!

However, you are still eligible to compete in 3x3 only by registering on-site at the competition during one of the Registration periods (see Schedule).


Registered competitors whose registration is missing: Zoe Brinner (3x3, OH). You're good! We got you covered!


Please note that payment of a registration fee demonstrates a commitment to attend, and organisers use this information for planning and scheduling. Because of this, registration fees paid online are non-refundable. If you have paid online and wish to change your registration, you will be charged for any increase in the total cost for registration, but not refunded for any decrease in the total cost for registration. Please use our contact form to let us know if you drop events so that we can manually update your registration.

While borrowing puzzles is allowed, competitors will be expected to compete when called upon.  Failure to compete when asked will result in disqualification.  Competitors are also expected to provide puzzles in good condition.  The pieces must be attached to the puzzle firmly, parts need to work properly, and stickers need to be in good condition.  The competition organisers reserve the right to disqualify puzzles that do not meet these criteria.

Registration is not required for non-competing guests, competitors travelling from outside California, and spectators. However, the venue can get very crowded during rounds with many competitors, such as 3x3 Round 1. We will try our best to accommodate all the competitors and guests who attend.

Registration fee: Where n is the number of events:

  Sign up online Sign up at venue
Pay online (PayPal) $2n + 10 -
Pay at venue (cash) $20 (3x3 only) $20 (3x3 only)

If you paid online and wish to add an event when you arrive at the competition, the charge will be $2 per event in cash at the registration table.

Online registration competitor limit: 100.
After 100 competitors have signed up and paid online, then online registration will close. At this point, all unpaid competitors will be only eligible to participate in 3x3, with $20 registration cost to be paid in cash at the venue.

Registration is now closed.