Subject to change. The event list will be finalized some time before the competition.

Event Name Round 1 Round 2 Round 3
Format Cutoff1 Time Limit2 Format Num Format Num
2x2 Speedsolve Best of 2/Avg of 5 0:08 0:30 Avg of 5 8
3x3 Speedsolve Avg of 5 Avg of 5 32 Avg of 5 10
4x4 Speedsolve Best of 2/Avg of 5 1:25 2:00
5x5 Speedsolve Best of 2/Avg of 5 2:10 3:30
3x3 One-Handed Best of 2/Avg of 5 0:35 1:30 Avg of 5 8
3x3 Blindfolded Best of 3 10:00
3x3 Fewest Moves Best of 1
Rubik's Magic Avg of 5 0:05
Rubik's Master Magic Avg of 5 0:10
Square-1 Avg of 5 2:00
Pyraminx Best of 2/Avg of 5 0:15 1:00
Clock Avg of 5 0:30

1. In these events, all competitors will get 2 solves, and only those with a solve below cutoff time will be allowed to complete 5 solves.

2. Time limits are strict times after which the competitor will not be allowed to finish their solve. Attempts that reach the hard cutoff will be terminated and recorded as DNF. At the main judge's discretion, they may or may not be allowed to continue in that round.

Cutoff and time limits may be changed on the day of the competition.