Mental Breakdown 2016

To all that are competing in every event: Good luck.

This competition spans the course of two days, so if you are coming from out-of-town and competing on both days, please consider finding places to stay. See the travel page for more information.

There is a 50 competitor limit. Please register as soon as possible if you plan on coming! Your registration is not complete until you have paid online. If you do not have a paypal and cannot pay online, please use the "Contact" page and we will work something out. 


Please be sure to bring your own blindfolds and your own ear muffs. Ear muffs are not necessary, but recommended. Nothing electronic is allowed (unless batteries are removed and all wires are unplugged). 

June 18-19, 2016

UC Irvine - Doheny Beach Meeting Rooms
A, 311 W Peltason Dr
Irvine, CA, 92697

Registration Fee (May 17-June 13):
$20 flat fee

Late Registration Fee (June 13-June 16):
$30 flat fee

This competition will be sponsored by! They will be providing all of the prizes, which will be first, second, and third place for all events. A big thank you to them <3 Be sure to check out their store by clicking here (for 5% off, use coupon code: tehcubedude at the checkout):


This competition is recognized as an official World Cube Association competition. Therefore, all competitors should be familiar with the WCA regulations. If you are new to competing, you may want to look at CubingUSA's Competitor Tutorial.