Do the Cube at the DoSeum 2016 Competitors

Name (Last) Country 2x23x3OHBLDPyra
Alejandro Gorrzegz Email AlejandroUSA-X---
Andres Rodriguez Email AndresUSAXXX-X
Angelo Zhang Email AngeloUSA-X-X-
Anthony Brooks Email AnthonyUSAXXXX-
Antonio Charo Email AntonioUSA-X---
Arthur Medina Email ArthurUSAXX--X
Ben Spivey Email BenUSAXX---
Benjamin Cotton Email BenjaminUSAXX--X
Benjamin Peters Email BenjaminUSAXX---
Billy Russell Email BillyUSAXXX-X
Blake Stevens Email BlakeUSAXXX-X
Brady Swan Email BradyUSA-X---
Brendan Neal Email BrendanUSAX---X
Brock King Email BrockUSAXX--X
Bron Garcia Email BronUSAXX---
Caleb Jackson Email CalebUSAXXXXX
Casey Pernsteiner Email CaseyUSA-X---
Christina Blackburn Email ChristinaUSAXXX-X
Connor Phalan Email ConnorUSAXXXXX
Cristoval Charo Email CristovalUSA-X---
Cutter Blair Email CutterUSAXX--X
Dominik Cervantes Email DominikUSA-X---
Dylan Miller Email DylanUSAXXX--
Dylan Pegg Email DylanUSAXXX-X
Dylan Pollard Email DylanUSAXXX-X
Eric Yu Email EricUSA-X---
Ethan Rummel Email EthanUSAXX--X
Francisco Garza Email FranciscoUSAXX---
Gage Krieg Email GageUSAXX--X
Gavin BichlmeierUSAXX--X
George Yzaguirre III Email George YzaguirreUSAXXX-X
Henry Peirce Email HenryUSAXXX-X
Ian Fischer Email IanUSAXXX-X
Jack Fisher Email JackUSAXX--X
Jackson Lieb Email JacksonUSAXX--X
Jacobi Coquat Email JacobiUSA-X---
Jae Park Email JaeUSA-X---
Jason Lee Email JasonUSAXXX-X
Jaxson Bartolini Email JaxsonUSA-X---
Jeff Park Email JeffUSAXXXXX
Joseph Porter Email JosephUSAXX---
Joshua Spivey Email JoshuaUSA-X---
Joshua Tickell Email JoshuaUSAXX--X
Julian Reece Email JulianUSAXX--X
Kai Park Email KaiUSAXX--X
Lewis CrochetUSAXX--X
Logan Lawhon Email LoganUSAX---X
Luke MonshaugenUSAXX--X
Matt Lee Email MattUSAXX--X
Matthew Burns Email MatthewUSAXXX-X
Matthew Weiss Email MatthewUSAXX--X
Michael Canonica Email MichaelUSAXX--X
Michael Elliot Email MichaelUSAXX-XX
Monica Cummings Email MonicaUSA-X---
Nevin Noal Email NevinUSA-XX--
Nicolas Mendoza Email NicolasUSA----X
Patrick Fischer Email PatrickUSAXXXXX
Rachel Reddick Email RachelUSAXX--X
Rico Sneller Email RicoUSAXX--X
Rohit VenugopalUSA-X---
Ryan Zinsmeister Email RyanUSAXX--X
Shane Rowland Email ShaneUSA-XX--
Shonathon Collins Email ShonathonUSAXXXXX
Sonia Rao Email SoniaUSA-XX--
Tanner Logan Email TannerUSAXX--X
Tiana Cheney (陳可翔) Email TianaHong Kong-X---
Timmy O'Brien Email TimmyUSAXXX--
Timothy GohUSA-XXX-
Tristan Patrick Email TristanUSAXX--X
Tyler Canonica Email TylerUSAXX---
Wesley Grady Email WesleyUSA-XX-X
Westley Peters Email WestleyUSAXX--X
Totals: 72 516924944