Venue Information

The venue can be found at the following location:

We will be located in the Great Lakes Room, which is on the 4th floor, just around the corner from the elevator.

There are a few options you have for parking:

  1. Free Parking - you can park at lot MC28 for free on the weekends.  This lot is across the street from Mary Markley Hall, 1503 Washington Heights, Ann Arbor, MI 48109.  The venue is at most a 10 minute walk away from this lot.  Another free lot is at the intersection of Ann and Zina Pitcher.
  2. Close Parking - You can also park at the parking garage adjacent to the venue for a fee.  The rate is $1.10/hour.  You can find more information about this parking garage here.

FMC Venue Information

Once the 3x3 final concludes, we will move to the Michigan League for a Fewest Moves attempt.  We will be in the Koessler Room, on the third floor.  Walk up the stairs on your way in, and the room will be on your left.  This was the same room we used on the Saturday night of Michigan 2014 for FMC and BLD events.


There are two hotels that you can reserve on campus, the Bell Tower Inn and the Campus Inn.   These two hotels are generally expensive, however, and you can find much better deals if you stay off-campus.  To see rates and locations, click here.

Air Travel

If you are planning on flying, fly into DTW.  There is a very reasonable shuttle service from DTW to Ann Arbor, check out rates and times at AirRide's website.  Roundtrip is $22 for adults, and any accompanying children 17 and under ride for free.  This service drops you off at the Central Campus Transit Center, which is within walking distance of the venue.