Schedule: (may be ahead or behind schedule)

Soft Cutoff: a time restraint under which a competitor must yield a result in his/her first attempts. Otherwise, the competitor is not allowed further attempts.

Hard Cutoff: a time restraint at which a competitor's attempt is stopped and is labelled as DNF ("Did Not Finish").


Tentative 3x3 One-Handed will be either after 3x3 R1 or after 3x3 R2 if it happens.

It will have a 0:40 soft cutoff and a 1:00 hard cutoff.

BigBLD Event Option:

During the day on your free time, you can do ONE BigBLD of your choice (3x3 Multiple Blindfolded, 4x4 Blindfolded, or 5x5 Blindfolded) You are allowed to do a maximum of 2 attempts for MBLD, a maximum of 3 attempts for 4BLD, and a maximum of 3 attempts for 5BLD. You will first need to find a judge (maybe a friend?) willing to judge your attempt. We will provide wearable covers for during the execution of the solve, so the judge does not have to hold it in front of the competitor for a long time. Please only sign up for one of the BigBLD attempts, and mention in the comments of your registration when you plan to do your BigBLD attempt. The BigBLD attempts will be done in a separate room and be managed by Ricardo Lutchman.