Event Cutoff Time Time Limit
2x2 None None
3x3 None None
4x4 1:45 4:00
5x5 2:30 5:00
3x3 Blindfolded None Combined time limit of 20:00
Pyraminx 1:00 2:00
Skewb 1:00 2:00
Megaminx 2:30 4:00
Square-1 1:00 4:00
Rubik's Clock  (tentative) 0:40 1:30

Tentative Events

Rubiks Clock will be held if we are on schedule. If we are not, the time will be used to catch up.

What is a cutoff?

A cutoff time applies to the first two attempts in a combined round.  If either time is under the cutoff, you get to finish the average of 5; otherwise, you only get the two attempts.

What is a time limit?

A time limit applies to all solves.  If any solve goes over the time limit, you will be asked to stop and the attempt will be a DNF (did not finish).  The default time limit is 10:00, unless otherwise specified.