Until June 5, $1 for each event you sign up for. Late Registration (after June 5): $5 Fee with an increase of $2 for every event.

*Note: There is a seperate entry fee of $10.

The Groovik's Cube is our headlining event.  It is the worlds largest Rubik's cube, standing at over 30 ft.  It requirs 3 people to opperate: 1 person for each axis of the cube, controled digitally from seperate stations.  To enter Groovik's, you need a team of 3, and members can only be part of 1 team. You can form your teams beforhand, or we can help you find a team once you get to the comp.  This is a unique oppertunity, so we encourage anyone who knows how to solve a 3x3 to enter.  Round 1 will happen throughout the day, in parallel to the regular event schedule. Top 3 teams will compete in Finals.

Registration is now closed.