Travel and Venue Information

This competition will be held simultaneously in multiple locations.  Please see below for details about each one.

Cambridge, MA

The Cambridge location will be at MIT in Cambridge, MA, and the WCA Delegate will be Tim Reynolds.

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The event will be in room 37-212.  This means that it is on the second floor of Building 37.  Please see the MIT Campus Map.  Enter MIT at 77 Massachusetts Avenue and turn left. Walk to the end of the hallway, and you will be in building 35. Take the stairs to the second floor, and turn right. Building 37 is the next building.

MIT is accessible by Public Transit.  The venue is about a 10 minute walk from the Kendall/MIT Red Line station.  There are also parking lots in the area -- please see the MIT Campus Map for information.

New York, NY

The New York City location will be at Contra Studios


122 W 26th St
New York, NY 10001


The WCA Delegate will be Bob Burton.



College Park, MD

The College Park location will be at the University of Maryland, College Park in the Reckord Armory building in room 0103.  The WCA Delegate will be Felix Lee.

Parking information can be found here by clicking on the "Visitor" map. Reckord Armory is located near the "Visitor Center" bubble. You must park in a purple parking area on the weekends, and it is recommended that you park in the Paint Branch Lot on the bottom of the map since that is free on weekends.

Yorktown, VA

The Yorktown location will be at the Kiln Creek Recreation Center.  The WCA Delegate will be Chris Hardwick.

The event will be on the second floor of the recreation center building.  The address is Bldg 2801, but you will see the number 2805 on the building.  Parking is free and is located just in front of the building.  Look for signs for FMC USA 2014.

Atlanta, GA

The Atlanta location will be at Georgia Tech. The delegate will be Chris Krueger.

The competition will be held in the Molecular Science and Engineering building. The building is the northernmost building in the biotech quad located at Ferst Dr and Atlantic Dr. The building is locked on weekends, please contact delegate Chris Krueger for information.

Georgia Tech is accessible by public transportation - the venue is a ten minute walk west from the Midtown MARTA station. Paid parking is available at the W23 parking deck on State St and Ferst Dr.

Indianapolis, IN

The Indianapolis location will be at Interactive Intelligence in Indianapolis, IN.  The WCA Delegate will be Mike Hughey.

From the west side of I-465, take the 71st street exit going east.  Turn left at the first stop light on Woodland Drive.  Follow Woodland Drive past a stop light and a stop sign.  After the stop sign, there is a lake on the left; turn into the first parking lot on the left after the lake.

The address for the parking lot is 7602 Woodland Drive, Indianapolis IN. Drive around to the back of the building and park in the lot located above. From there, there is a sidewalk (not visible in the satellite imagery, but it's there now) which leads to the back of the adjacent building (which is 7601 Interactive Way). That is the entrance we will be using - there is a door to the building that opens onto the patio there. The door will be locked, but someone will be posted at the door there to let you in. (Spectators will be allowed in - simply say that you are there for the cubing competition.)  If you happen to go to the building's actual parking lot and try the front door, it will be locked, but there will be a sign posted there asking you to go around to the back of the building.

Ann Arbor, MI

The Ann Arbor location will be at the Michigan League, on the campus of the University of Michigan.  The WCA Delegate will be Kit Clement.

The event will be in room D, on the third floor of the Michigan League.  The floor maps provided here will help you find this room. 

As this competition is on a Sunday, there will be free parking in all the city-owned spaces and garages.  Feel free to park in any of the public parking garages or street spaces with the blue signs next to them.  The closest street parking is on Washington and Fletcher streets, and the two nearest garages are the Fletcher and Thayer structures.

St. Paul, MN

The St Paul location will be held at Mears Park Place Apartments (MPPA) in Lowertown St Paul, MN.  The WCA Delegate will be Shaden Smith.

MPPA is in the heart of Lowertown, St Paul at 401 N Sibley Street and is accessible by public transit via the Green Metro Line or numerous bus lines. Parking is available on the street or in numerous parking garages nearby. Please consult the above map for details. The competition will take place in the MPPA Party Room, found on the second floor (level SK for Skyway) of the complex. Further directions for entry will be provided later.

Pasadena, CA

The Pasadena location will be at Caltech in Pasadena, CA.  The WCA Delegate will be Michael Young.

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The event will be the Annenberg Auditorium, room 105, in the Annenberg Center for Information Science and Technology.  Please enter the building from either the west or the north doors.  The most convenient parking lot is on the east side of Holliston Avenue, slightly south of Annenberg; please park in only unlabelled parking spots.


Berkeley, CA

The Berkeley location will be located at in 213 Wheeler on UC Berkeley campus.  The WCA Delegate will be Jeremy Fleischman.

Seattle, WA

The Seattle location will be at Roy Street Coffee and Tea. The WCA Delegate will be Zheng Li

RoyStreet Coffee & Tea
700 Broadway E, Seattle, WA 98102
(206) 325-2211