This is a community center, complete with fields, basketball courts, etc. Feel free to have fun outside while your friends/kids compete!

Parking is abundant. There is parking on the south side of the buidling, behind the main 2 buildings, and farther back as well.

This will be in Activity Room #2, but it will be easiest to just follow the signs.



There are hotels on I-75 both at 54 and 56. These locations are 15-20minutes from the venue.



North of the venue, on Land O Lakes Blvd, there are a few restaurants (pizza, subway, mexican). There are also a few common fast food restaurants south on Land O Lakes Blvd (Subway, McDonald's). If you go east on 54, there is a Wendy's and a few other restaurants just after you turn off Land O Lakes Blvd. If you keep going east on 54 to the Wesley Chapel area, you'll find more restaurants as well.


If you plan on going to the Wesley Chapel area for food, you will probably need longer than 30 minutes for lunch. This means you should either give up Clock or FMC, or at least plan on finishing your FMC attempt early.