Main Events:

Unoffical Events:

Relay description: The Relay event works just like relay races in sports. You'll form a team of 3 people, and each person does one of the three events, 3x3, OH, and 2x2. You'll be at a table together, in order from 3x3, OH, and lastly, 2x2. There will be an inspection period of 15 seconds, and after that there will be no cube covers, so you're allowed to look as much as you like. However, you're not allowed to touch your cube after inspection until the previous person has solved their cube completely (For example, no +2 or DNF) AND you've been "tapped" in. Tapping is doing a double high five or double fist bump to the next person in line. Each team will use and share one stackmat, and it must remain in the same position throughout the relay. Like in a sports relay, the first person will completely solve a 3x3 before tapping the next person, who will completely solve a 3x3 One Handed, and then that person taps the last person who solves a 2x2 completly, thus ending the attempt. Every team gets one attempt, there is no average, so its a good idea to practice beforehand if you have a chance too. The top 4 best attempts will then get a second attempt, and the top 2 best of those attempts go head to head in one last attempt for each team. The best time wins. 

Team BLD description: Competitors sign up for this event in teams -- in a team, there will be a caller and a solver.  Solvers are blindfolded for the duration of the attempt, and callers must communicate to the solver the moves needed to solve the cube.  Some of the rules/procedures for this event: