Berkeley Spring 2017

April 15th, 2017

2050 Valley Life Sciences Building
UC Berkeley Campus
Berkeley, California, 94720

Registration FeeThe registration fee is $14+3n, where n is the number of events you do. There is a 185 person limit to registration. WE WILL NOT TAKE REGISTRATION AT THE DOOR. Additionally, there will be no wait list. REGISTRATION IS NOW FULL.

If you'd still like to compete that weekend, the CC Open 2017 will be held on the UC Berkeley campus the following day (4/16) which will have Square-1 and FMC only. Visit the link here to register.  

This competition is recognized as an official World Cube Association competition. Therefore, all competitors should be familiar with the WCA regulations. If you are new to competing, you may want to look at CubingUSA's Competitor Tutorial.

This competition is sponsored by SpeedCubeShop.