Main Event:

           3x3x3 – 3 rounds – 2:30 / 10:00*


Tentative Event:

            Megaminx – Combined Final – 2:30 / 5:00


Mystery Events:

(Riddles are being added, check back often for more hints!)

Hint 1: Find a partner that is going to the comp 

Hint 2: Sandy Mitch
Hint 3: Drill. Zdthzdddthzdtttthzdthhhhzzzzzzdth. voila Corndog
Hint 4: 4 Cubes 4 Cubers
Hint 5: Once upon a Time there was a unicorn that rode a rainbow.

Tentative Hint: f3 e5 g4 Qh4#


* = soft cutoff / hard cutoff,

Soft – you have 2 attempts to beat the required time, if not then you cannot finish the average

Hard – if you exceed this time during a solve, the solve is counted as a DNF