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Notice that parking is free on weekends. This is ONLY if you park in Lot 1, which, from Stamp, is past the Cole Student Activities Building. Notice that in that parking lot, not everything is part of Lot 1, so make sure you park somewhere that is part of Lot 1 if you do not want to get ticketed. The very colorful green area at the top is where you want to be:

NON-NUMBERED parking spots in the Regents Drive Garage(located to the right of the M roundabout) are free on weekends. Please note that NUMBERED spaces are still metered. YOU WILL RECEIVE A $75 FINE FOR PARKING IN A NUMBERED SPOT AND NOT PAYING.

NOTE: The competition is being held in the Grand Ballroom, Room 1206, which is on the first floor, number 43 on this map:


HOTELS: There are multiple hotels located on Route 1(Best WesternHampton InnClarionCollege Park Marriott, and more) located less than five minutes away from the venue.