Event Round Format Cut-off Time

3x3 Round 1

Average of 5 2:00

3x3 Round 2 (Top 45)

Average of 5 -

3x3 Final (Top 20)

Average of 5 -


Average of 5 1:00


Best of 3 -


Average of 5 30 seconds

Surprise Event 1

Best of 1 2:00 (hard cut-off)

Surprise Event 2

Best of 1 2:00 (hard cut-off)


The details of the Surprise Events will be announced on the day of the competition. These events will not be official events as recognized by the WCA. Both of the events will be open to anyone to participate on a first-come-first-serve basis, as there will be no prior registration. As many people as possible will be allowed to participate, as time permits. Thus, once the scheduled end-time for each event is reached, the event will conclude and no more attendees will be allowed to participate, regardless of the number of people that have been able to compete.


For all of the official WCA Events except for Blindfolded, competitors have been organized into different heats.

This list for the heats is available here.

Also see the Schedule for more information on the times for each heat.



First place in each of the official WCA events (3x3, OH, BLD, Pyraminx) will receive an engraved, crystal award (pictured above).

First place in either of the Surprise Events will receive a special award coinciding with the respective event.