New Hampshire Open 2016

This competition is sponsored by The Cubicle!

It's like a normal competition, but with a twist!
You can win prizes even if you don't win the event! 
You're going to earn raffle tickets throughout the day by helping run the competition! 


With 10 timer stations, we're going to need at least 13 volunteers per round to help judge and run puzzles.
(We've already got trustworthy scramblers!)

Don't have experience judging? No problem! There's going to be a guide sheet at every station to assist in your decisions and guide you through what to say, along with a general info session before the competition starts.

And hey, if your parent is bored of waiting around, they can volunteer, earn raffle tickets, and have the chance to win some sweet prizes for you!

The registration fee is $10, however. this competition is non-profit.
All costs from registration fees go towards prizes and equipment fees.
Please note that registration is not complete until this fee has been paid.

All UNH affiliated competitors compete for free.
Simply register using your UNH email to let us know that you're from UNH.

If you cannot attend the competition for any reason and would like your money refunded, please contact the organizers to initiate a refund.
Please do not call your credit company or initiate a dispute with Paypal, as this will incur fees to the organizer accounts.
We are nice people who are more than willing to ensure a good experience.


Saturday April 9th, 2015

Parsons Hall, Room N108
Parsons Hall at the University New Hampshire
Durham, NH 03824, USA


Use GPS Navigation to go to the coordinates: 43.133740, -70.934213.
Or alternately navigate to the intersection of Arts Way and McDaniel Drive at the University of New Hampshire.


The building is divided into three wings, which correspond to their directions. Since the building is a U-shaped loop, you can find the northern wing by simply walking around. Room N108 is located in the northern wing and is a large lecture hall.

Parking Information:

On weekends, all university parking lots are free, and you are free to park in any lot except for a residential lot. Behind the building which hosts the competition is a small parking lot which would have enough space for approximately 20-30 cars.

Registration is limited to 75 competitors, A limited number of registration is also available on the day of the competition. (Changed 3/29/2016)

If you would like to join during the day of the competition, please arrive around 8:30 and get the attention of the Organizer/Delegate.


This competition is recognized as an official World Cube Association competition. Therefore, all competitors should be familiar with the WCA regulations. If you are new to competing, you may want to look at CubingUSA's Competitor Tutorial.