Main Events:

Tentative Events:

Event Name Round 1 Round 2 Round 3
Format Cutoff* Time Limit** Format Number*** Format Number
2x2 Speedsolve Avg. of 5   1:00        
3x3 Speedsolve Avg. of 5 2:00 3:00 Avg. of 5 20 Avg. of 5 10
6x6 Speedsolve Best of 1 / Mean of 3 4:30 6:00        
Megaminx Best of 2 / Avg. of 5 2:30 2:50        
Rubik's Clock Best of 2 / Avg. of 5 0:30 0:45        
Skewb Avg. of 5 0:30 1:00 Avg. of 5 15*** Avg. of 5  10***

*During the first round of all events with cutoffs, all competitors will get only 2 solves (only 1 solve for 6x6x6), and if you are able to complete one of your two solves under the "cutoff" time then you will be able to finish your average.

**The time limits are strict times after which the competitor will not be allowed to finish his or her solve.

***The number of competitors who advance to Rounds 2 and 3 of Skewb is subject to change depending on the number of competitors in Round 1.

Tentative events: Pyraminx, if held, will most likely be during lunch, so please be ready if you want to compete.