Event Hard Soft Cumulative To Advance
3x3x3 10:00 N/A N/A 8
4x4x4 2:00 1:30 N/A N/A
5x5x5 2:30 2:00 N/A N/A
3x3x3 OH 1:30 0:45 N/A N/A
3x3x3 BLD N/A N/A 3 in 10:00 N/A
Pyra 0:20 0:15 N/A N/A
Skewb 0:20 0:15 N/A N/A

Definitions of time restraints:

NOTE: If you know you cannot solve under the time limit for an event, please refrain from registering for that event. This really helps the organisation team with accurate scheduling and the ability to better maintain our strict schedule. It's also no fun to disqualify competitors for exceeding the time limit for their events.

For a deeper understanding of terminology used, please refer to the WCA Regulations.

Prizes for BASC 7 will be distributed post-competition as credit to TheCubicle.us. A gift code will be sent to the email address you provided when you signed up for the competition for the total amount of credit you won.
Credit will be awarded to all competitors who get 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place in the final round of an event as described below
Event 1st 2nd 3rd
3x3 $20 $15 $10
4x4 $15 $10 $7
5x5 $10 $7 $5
OH $15 $10 $7
BLD $10 $7 $5
Pyra $10 $7 $5
Skewb $10 $7 $5