Main Events:

            Event - Round - # of solves - Cutoff/Time Limit

Unofficial Events:

       Extra Rounds of BLD and Feet.

*Cutoff is the time a competitor must achieve within their first 2 solves (1 for feet) in order to complete the average.
*Time Limit is the time at which if an attempt exceeds this time, the competitor will be awarded a DNF.
*Those Competing in BLD: You will have a combined Time limit of 20:00, this means that you will have 20 minutes to do all of you attempts.

Speed FMC:
Description: Using a Chess timer 2 cubers compete to see who can solve it in the fewest moves as possible without going over 2 minutes, first one to have a completed cube wins.
1. Person A and B play Rock Paper Scissors. The winner decides who scrambles first.
2. The Clock is started onto whoever is scrambling first. Once they are done scrambling they pass the cube and hit the clock to start the other person’s scrambling time.
3. Once the clock has started for the second person they may start scrambling the cube. When done scrambling they pass it and inspect their cube, once they make a move they may hit the clock.
4. Now the competitors takes turns making 1 move at a time and hitting the clock, the first person to have a solved cube wins.

1. The Cubes must start solved.
2. Do not make 2 turns in 1 move
3. M Turns are 1 move
4. Have fun