Dallas Back to School 2015

If your events are only in the afternoon then you may show up 10 minutes before lunch ends and register. However, it is encouraged that cubers register in the morning and meet new people even if they do not have events during that part of the day.

Sunday, August 16th, 2015

Episcopal School of Dallas
4100 Merrell Road (the school has two campuses, please be sure to go to this address)
Dallas, Texas, 75229

Registration Fee:
The current registration fee is $15. This main event, 3x3 speedsolve, is prepaid. Every additional event will cost $1 more. Accepting cash only at the entrance of the venue. Please try to bring exact change. Registration fees are nonrefundable. All fees go towards the cost of the venue, WCA, prizes, etc.

This competition is recognized as an official World Cube Association competition. Therefore, all competitors should be familiar with the WCA regulations.

New Competitors: If you are new to competing, you may want to look at CubingUSA's Competitor Tutorial.

A great YouTube tutorial for first time competitors is now available. Please watch it here -> https://youtu.be/dPL3eV-A0ww

Prize Vendor Announcement:

I am happy to announce that TheCubicle.us will be sponsoring this competition. They are a very highly known store with great shipping and high quality puzzles. You can find their website here at http://thecubicle.us/